Slide05             WALLFLOWER brings Art to Life as never before!

 Instead of framing a picture, why not a whole garden?

Indoor Green Leafy Plants

Indoor Green Leafy Plants



 WHAT IS IT?   WALLFLOWER is a “HYDROPONIC”  System that allows anyone to grow a Vertical Garden.  This completely enclosed unit, with built in irrigation, allows you to create a unique expression of Living Wall Art.

WALLFLOWER’S GARDEN: uses ”Rock-Wool”  planting medium,  and is constructed using:

*Top Water Reservoir with a Drip Irrigation

*Bottom Trough that collects excess water, with a Release Plug

*Water Proof Fabric

*Moisture Barrier Backing material

*Stainless Steel Back Plate

*Surround made from a synthetic wood alternative that will never crack, warp, or rot.  The wood alternative is impervious to moisture, salt, and insects but feels and sounds like real wood!

*There is an optional Hard Wood Frame.

Wallflower Framed Art  is approximately 30” long, 30” high, and 6” deep, a perfect size for any wall in your home, office, or suite.  Its’ convenient size is just one aspect of its VERSATILITY.

WHAT TO PLANT IN WALLFLOWER:  WALLFLOWER was designed to accommodate any size plant, from seedling to the Universal 4” pot. WALLFLOWER can be replanted over and over again in the winter and summer, providing seasonal color for your home or office!

An endless array of plants will work well in the Living Wall, as long as the plants have relatively small root systems. It can be planted with a wide range of succulents, vines, herbs, berries, and indoor greens. There are many different planting options and alternatives, giving each Living Wall owner the opportunity to personalize and design to taste.

A mixture of different plants  in a single panel can be used, as long as the plants have similar care requirements. This adds variety and visual appeal to your Living Art. Tropical Plants and Ferns are a great combination to use in the Living Wall, as they have similar care requirements.

Succulents are a great option for the Living Wall because they need very little water and have slow, shallow roots. They also come in an extensive array of colors and textures, a beautiful addition to your own Living Art!

Herbs are also a great planting choice, with an endless abundance of fresh Parsley, Basil, Oregano, and more! With this option, the Living Wall is a handy kitchen companion.

Vegan Living Wall used in a Kitchen
VEGAN LIVING WALL used in a Kitchen
Vegan Living Wall
Vegan Living Wall



Best Place for Living Walls: The options are endless for the Living Wall. You can choose to create a beautiful piece of living art work for a wall inside your home or office, or you can choose to cover the entire side of your building with it. You can place a Living Wall anywhere, as long as it is an area with good lighting that will serve as a good focal point for this unique display of Living Art.

Interior Living Wall Designed for a Home
Interior Living Wall Designed for a Home
Large & Lush Interior Living Wall for an Office Building
Large & Lush Interior Living Wall for an Office Building



 How to Care for and Maintain Living Walls: It’s easy! Living Walls are living organisms so they must be cared for, but they are designed to make the maintenance easy for anyone. The care instructions are extremely simple, as long as the wall is planted  with the correct plants, is watered properly, and gets the correct amount of light.

A few simple care tips for Living Walls:

– Check the wall for appropriate moisture levels

-Weed plants as needed/desired

-Adjust water levels throughout the year

-Fertilize plants as needed

-Trim plants as needed/desired


Benefits of the Living Wall, The Hot New Trend: Living walls have both environmental and personal benefits. Living walls naturally purify the air and create more attractive living and working environments. The walls also absorb a lot of the heat harboring in materials such as wood, tile, and concrete. This indirectly reduces Air Conditioning requirements and energy consumption, an additional benefit for the environment! Living walls also absorb through the plants and the Hydoponic planting medium, Rockwool. Living walls are a conversation piece, displayed as a focal piece in your home or office.



WALLFLOWER will custom design and manufacture a vertical Living Wall system for YOU. Each Living Wall serves as a spectacular alternative to a house plant, or a hanging basket.  It is a CREATIVE and IMAGINATIVE focal piece on any wall. A beautiful way to bring your walls to LIFE.